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Photographer Richard Herzog

My passion has been photography - forever.  

I have my BS bachelorette degree from RIT in Rochester N.Y. and additional formal education from the Banff School of Fine Arts in Alberta Canada. However, my education continues everyday, through shooting, websites, webinars, trade shows, and from talking with other photography enthusiasts!

I carry a pro camera with me so that every time an opportunity presents itself, I can seize the moment and take and capture the image - even when shopping at the grocery store!

People ask me what is my favorite "thing to shoot" and honestly I can say, anything! I am proud of the event and commercial images I have captured, enhanced and presented in unique albums, and I am thrilled when people purchase my artistic view of landscapes, abstracts or flowers.

It is an honor to share my "vision through the lens" with you.

My personal email is: rich@herzogimages.com

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