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2-Hour Workshops | Course Options

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Flowing Water

Creating mesmerizing shots of water is on everyone’s list, yet few know how to make this happen with the equipment we already own. In this session, participants will learn the technical and composition requirements to truly capture the power and motion of water. There are many factors involved in this advanced photographic technique: shutter speed, aperture, shooting from different angles, the use of different neutral density filters as well as using a polarizing filter…these all have an impact on the quality of your final image.

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Perfect Panoramas

Participants learn the technical and composition and details that factor into creating perfect panoramic images. Shooting horizontally or vertically, finding the “nodal center” for each lens / focal length, taking multiple images to stitch together and why these techniques help you achieve spectacular panos with amazing tack sharp detail, from edge to edge.

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Macro Photography

Few things in nature are more beautiful than when the camera captures them up close and personal. That’s our focus in this workshop – capturing every last detail of the subject, and composition, and creating glorious works of photographic art. As we talk about different macro techniques, including different types of lighting including "light painting" which is creative in close-up photography.

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Night Lighting

Shooting in near dark conditions to capture moonlight and even moonbows like these, streetlights, car beams and the skyline all require finely-tuned techniques. But the results can be breathtaking when executed well. Join me for this session as we head out into the early evening. Learn the techniques and create some amazing images along the way.

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Focus Stacking

Focus stacking can be a wonderful technique to keep everything in focus. This advanced photographic technique takes time and understanding of your equipment to do this properly.

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Your Private Session

It's your session, so we can work on whatever techniques you want to learn. Select from the courses listed here, or ask for something customized to meet your needs. We will discuss the outline before we meet up so we're all clear on what we're working on. This will also ensure we pick the ideal location to meet up.

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Intermediate Camera Techniques - Leaving the "Auto" behind

Are you still setting your camera to “Auto”? Do you want to take control of your camera and start taking better pictures? Then this 2-hour workshop is perfect for you. More than just an introduction to your camera, this digital photography class teaches you the essential fundamentals of digital camera operation so you will be ready to capture the images that matter most to you. Shooting in a priority mode or in manual mode gives you the control you need to create amazing images with your personal touch.

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Advanced Camera Techniques

During this urban photography expedition, we’ll explore the nuances of visualization and review techniques to create more impactful, interesting and emotional images. We will discuss how to find unusual vantage points, when certain elements can enhance an image, and when they might be undesirable. We will study lines and patterns, light and shadow, perspective and depth of field, shooting multiple images for focus stacking, and how those techniques can impact your image. There are several advanced methods to choose from – select two from the list for a two-hour workshop.

What people are saying...

"As a busy commercial photographer, I have worked with Richard for all my high end digital back needs. He is knowledgeable, detailed oriented and I have always found him to be pleasant and professional." Ric Noyle Photo Productions, Ric Noyle President and CEO

“I am new to the Bay Area and have been missing my photography group from Seattle so....I did a search on the web for some local photography classes. I came across the Camera West website and noticed they had a macro class coming up, so I decided to sign-up. I spend all week looking forward to the class and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the 3-hour Macro Photography Workshop that Richard Herzog from Camera West taught at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. The class was the perfect size so that Richard was able to provide 1:1 attention with each of the students and I now have new photographer friends. Can't wait for the next class.” Judi A.

“I had the most enjoyable experience Richard helped me through the decision-making process without feeling I was being "sold". All of them (I visited several times over a number of days) treated me with patience and I never felt like I was being rushed. They are all incredibly knowledgeable and generous with sharing that knowledge which helped me in making a more informed decision. I couldn't be happier with my experience.” David S.

“Today I enjoyed 3-hour Macro Photography Workshop at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens with Richard Herzog from Camera West. It was good to learn some techniques and equipment used in this type of photography. I think it's to have hands on workshops for a variety of photographic topics.” Cathy H.

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